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Neydi Jam

Eşilsoy Group is one of the youngest companies in the world. The ultimate goal of Neydi, who joined the Yeşilsoy Group family; To produce organic and pure products in Turkish food market. Yeşilsoy Group's standard quality understanding in food sector Neydi wants to maintain the product scale; jelly, halva and tahina are the indispensable products of our breakfast tables. With its high production capacity and strong strategic partners, Neydi aims to make great contributions to the Turkish food sector.

If you want to make a separate bracket besides the product scale we made, you can add Turkish delight ... Noody "Classic Seri" delights with orange, lemon, roulette, apple and many other types, besides these, you can not give up the traditional taste which is continuing today from today. If you like Neydi Safranbolu and Afyon Delight series varieties, worthy…

It is our ultimate goal to produce safe, healthy and quality products without sacrificing honesty and quality by using latest applied technological facilities in production, health and hygiene areas by closely following developing and changing food technologies according to world standards.

It is our greatest priority to continue to grow our company in a healthy manner and to become a firm that produces and sets standards that will be an example to other organizations operating in the sector.

Keeping the satisfaction of our customers in the foreground, respecting people, nature, neighborhood and gathering are our greatest features ...

Speed, efficiency, quality, and employee safety issues to be standard in Turkey and with the involvement and awareness among the world's most reliable target companies, we continue on our way with confident steps.

Whole milk, harvested from Ennstal and Paltental highland meadows of Steiermark region in the Alps, Stored in healthy glass bottles, Blended with authentic Arabica coffee beans, A marvelous taste all natural and With highest quality! Made and certified according to IFS Rules, the production warrants and commits the best quality, which is both mouth-pleasing and environmental friendly. The quality of the milk in Mislina does not require addition of any extra preservatives and sweeteners... - The best milk of Alps, Australia - 100% Arabica coffee beans - Environmental friendly glass bottle - Shelf life 12 months


Neydi Jam



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